Mr Perkins helps with the gardening

Clearing the wilderness

The garden is coming along nicely. The plan is to remove everything that’s in the garden, including the fruit trees, the fruit bushes and the metal shed. It’s a shame about the fruit trees, but they are positioned in all the wrong places.

After cutting down the three trees planted along the wall at the bottom of the garden, and pulling out some weeds as tall as me along the fence at the side of the garden, the neighbours could see me. I chatted with them for a bit, and learnt that no-one thinks much of the current layout of the garden. It used to be laid to lawn before the previous owner moved in and had it designed.

The lady out the back has a man who comes in and helps her with her garden. He has a trailer and an incinerator at his disposal. Looking at the huge pile of ex-tree in my garden, he offered his services. I was glad to accept because it would take me ages to cut the trees down to a size that would fit in the car to be taken away to the tip. He said he would come the next day, although he didn’t say what time. When I ventured out mid-morning, he’d already been. Not only had he taken away the trees, but he’d also taken everything else I’d cut down. I was very impressed, very pleased and very grateful.

I’ve now cleared away the tall, tall weeds from the second raised beds, which apparently were used for growing things like beans and strawberries. Alongside that raised bed is a second pear tree; there were weeds, asparagus, blackcurrants and gooseberries. Those berry bushes have wicked long pointy spines on their stems — watch out!

across the garden: before
across the garden: after
raised bed: before
raised bed: after

I’m a fair-weather gardener, so there’ll be nothing done today, seeing as it’s raining.

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