Choosing a shower curtain

We still haven’t been able to check the fancy new shower in the bathroom out. This is partly, if not completely, due to my not having purchased a shower curtain yet.

The shower is a fancy Mira one with Airboost and 10.8 kW of power. We had to get the electrician to fit a whole new wire from the fuse box to the bathroom because the one we had would fry after only ten minutes with an 8.0 kW shower. My showers take longer than ten minutes, so getting out the shower every ten minutes to flip the circuit breaker back on would get old fast.

I had a look at shower curtains on Amazon earlier. There are lots of shower curtains on Amazon. There are white ones and grey ones and purple ones. There are plain ones and patterned ones. There was too much choice, so I avoided the decision and went for a run instead.

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