Bibtex: diacritics in author’s names

I had a BibTeX entry that contained an ‘n’ with a tilde \~{n} in one of the author’s names. This was typeset as a non-breaking space by LaTeX because \~ represents a non-breaking space. I have no idea why author’s names in the bibliography are treated like this, however, when \~{n} produces the correct character in other BibTeX fields.

The solution to this problem is to put the old curly brackets around the offending sequence: {\~{n}}.

2 thoughts on “Bibtex: diacritics in author’s names

  1. Many thanks!
    I was struggling with a \l in an authors name. {\l} solved it.

    This would never have occurred to me…

    1. Hi MacTommy,

      Thanks for leaving a comment — I’m glad to have helped.

      I think it was trial and error mixed with a lot of googling that helped me solve it.


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