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Shiny new blog

This is the new and improved I am still using it as a blog, but all previous posts have been removed, and I’m making a fresh start. It is more focused than previously, and will include content on creative writing, arts and crafts, gardening, needlework and language. In time, there may even be the …

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A new home

Living on a boat doesn’t float my boat. I did try, but it’s just not for me. So we bought a house. Colin found it. We viewed it. We liked its quirky layout. We thought we might just buy it. So we did. We don’t know when we’ll move in yet, because Colin is away. …

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Quince by Patarika

Inheriting a garden

It looks like the garden I’m going to inherit is full of fruit trees and fruit bushes. This makes it a bit awkward to plan a new vegetable patch. I need to read up about moving plants and, especially, trees. There are pear trees and apple trees and a quince tree and a blueberry bush …

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Non-vegan vegetables

I have a vegan friend, who I like the challenge of cooking for. I like to make dishes that are intrinsically vegan, rather than just the side dishes plus a stuffed mushroom instead of the meat. The dishes I prefer to make are either vegan to start with or can be easily modified. I have …

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Write often

Colin, who works at Buffer, showed me a website for writers. It was co-founded by Sahir Memon, who is, at the time of writing, in Buffer Bootcamp. The website is called Write Often. Writing frequently is a great way to get into the habit of writing. You can start off just by writing a few …

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