Toad-in-the-hole — cropped

Toad-in-the-hole recipe

We went to Newmarket on Saturday to meet some lovely friends. While we were there, we popped into a local butcher’s shop for a dozen Newmarket sausages. The Newmarket sausage has protected geographical status. Only three butchers currently make them, each to their own secret recipe. Yesterday, I used up all the sausages in a …

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Colin was complaining that I never use my room. I never use my room because I don’t like the décor in there. There’s yellow-painted wood chip wallpaper on the walls and white-painted wood chip wallpaper on the ceiling. It really has to go. Colin suggested I sort it out. I told him I needed help. …

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Coriander: what’s in a name?

I was looking through recipes online, when I discovered an American site talking about coriander. I was a puzzled: I thought the American English term for coriander was cilantro. Further perusing of the internet told me that in the Americas, cilantro refers to the plant and leaves, whereas coriander refers to the seeds. In Britain …

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2013 Vancouver Sun Run by JWalk*


A couple of weeks ago, I was inspired to go for a run by Ruth Field’s book. It wasn’t a long run, but I set off too fast and I could barely breathe when I got back. When I got my breath back, I read more of the book. It turned out I’d done it …

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sewer cam

Sewer scrubbing

We were expecting someone to come and look at the sewers a couple of weeks ago, but no-one came. Today, they did come. A man in a fluorescent top said they were going to have a look at the sewers and maybe do some digging up and stuff. But first, I had to move my …

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